Project Description

Lawrence Park Historic District PA

Lawrence Park Historic District

Lawrence Park, Erie County, PA

Funded in part by a 2017 Keystone Historic Preservation Grant from the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office.

National Register Nomination (#SG100002403) for the Lawrence Park Historic District encompassing 810 resources including buildings, sites, objects and structures. The District is significant under Criteria A and C in the area of Community Planning & Development as representative of a planned “Garden City” facilitated by the General Electric Company in the early twentieth century, providing employee housing for their Erie Works plant. In addition, the Historic District is significant as the work of master planner and landscape architect, John Nolen, who is recognized as the Dean of American City Planning. The district represents an excellent example of Nolen’s “Industrial Village” model addressing the national World War I labor housing shortage and demonstrates the essential principles of his “Industrial Village” design. The period of significance begins in 1911 with completion of the GE Lawrence Park Realty Townsite Map and ends in 1965 with full realization of the Nolen “Industrial Village” plan and construction of the last house built within the John Nolen Lawrence Park Development plan within the fifty-year rule.


  • 2019 Preservation Erie Award for Education and Advocacy
Project Partner

Jim Van Dyne, Lawrence Park Historical Society
Lawrence Park Township